About Us


Koa Yoga was founded by 3 young eco-entrepreneurs, Eva, Jean-Antoine and Jean-Michel. Their stories and experiences, very different yet complementary, all brought them to believing strongly in the importance of doing more for our planet.
Eva worked in the purchasing department of large clothing companies during a few years and the technicalities of the clothing industry are her specialty. This is very important, as we want our clothes to be good for the planet, but also stylish and a pleasure to wear. She is passionate about Yoga and believe that Yoga is a must in everyone’s life to find balance and strength in body and mind.

Jean-Antoine co-founded a fashion concept store and coffee shop in Barcelona where he thrived to put forward organic fair-trade coffees to its clients, and to present clothes not following the model of fast fashion. As a specialist in fashion, he became more and more aware over the years of the need for a change in the way things have always been done in this industry.

Jean-Michel founded Evergreen-Capsules, reusable coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso® and other systems which save 1.5 millions kg of waste every year. He was deeply seduced by the idea of having an impact on the clothing industry which remains, to this day, one of the most pollutants in the world.



Sustainability is not just a concept that we want to put forward, it is a mission that we are determined on accomplishing.
The problem we are facing is a big one, here are some numbers:

Each Year...


The way clothes have always been produced must change and more importantly for us, the way some yoga clothes are done must change. 
At Koa Yoga, we believe that yoga is not just a sport, it is a way of life and the principles of yoga are a clear set of guidelines for how to lead a sustainable lifestyle in the modern age.

You can read more about our commitment here.




KOA is a Hawaiian word which has wonderful meanings very important for us.

“Warrior”, “Brave”, “Fearless”

In Yoga we have the poses Warrior I, Warrior II, & Warrior III. The Sanskrit name for these poses is Virabhadrasana, which is a combination of the words vira meaning “hero”, bhadra meaning “friend”, and asana meaning “seat or posture”.

Being a “yogi” means being able to successfully navigate the often complicated world of relationships and emotions. We become true warriors when we understand how to fight our battles with the proper weapons.

Along with the extraordinary range of emotions we exhibit as humans, we also have the unbelievable capacity for reflection. And so, when our battles scale beyond our control, we possess the most important tools of the “spiritual warrior”, which is compassion and forgiveness.

Warrior poses help us develop peace in the uncomfortable moments of our life.